Run 1415 – 21st February, 2016

Run 1415 Sunday 21st February, 2016
这是2016年2月21日,星期日,SH3 Run #1415 的说明:

The Mismanagement Rides On Run.

Into the breach rode the mismanagement. Showing the strength and courage of Lord Cardigan at the battle of Balaclava with the charge of the light (beer) brigade or even Custer at his last stand in Little Big horn, the mismanagement steps into the void to set what must therefore be, the best hash EVER!! Miss it at your peril!!

On the other hand, if you find its NOT the best hash ever, don’t complain, just put your name down to hare a (better) run in the future. Not confident? Never mind, March has been declared “Hare Experience Month”. So if you want to learn from an expert, sign up for a March run as co-hare and you will learn the tricks of the trade from the best.There is no limit to the number of co-hares as long as they help, and remember hares go free.

Hares: Castabator and p.e.cummings

Meeting point & directions: Ezhuang Taiwan Guzaowei restaurant, 469 Jinhui Rd, Minhang, Shanghai, China. Phone:+86 21 5117 3117. Longbai Xincun Station, line 10.

鹅庄台湾古早味餐厅, 地址: 中国上海市闽行区金汇路 466-2号, 电话:+86 21 5117 3117

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