Run 1473 – 26th March 2017

Run 1473 Sunday 26th March 2017
这是2017年3月26日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1473 的说明:

Hares: Triple V & Spread My Thais

Meeting point & directions: A to A from Yershari, Xinjiang cuisine, 106 Nandan Dong Lu, near Tianyaoqiao Lu. 南丹东路106号, 近天钥路. Xujiahui Station, lines 11, 1 & 9, exit 2 or Shanghai Stadium line 4, exit 4, and turn right onto Xie Tu Road. Turn left onto Tian Yue Qiao Road at the first intersection. Walk about 500 meters, and then turn right onto Nan Dan Dong Road. Yeshari Restaurant will be on your right.

The “Maryland Day and Peach Blossoms” Run:

Make sure you pack your trusty Old Bay and bring those crab hammers because it’s the Maryland My Maryland Day Run! Whether you’re stopping in from hiking the Appalachian Trail, mooring your sailboat in Ocean City, hangin’ with the snobby lobbyists in Bethesda, or you just saw The Wire one time, we’re here to celebrate the greatest state with the shittiest flag. By the way, please pronounce it right for once. It’s “Merlin,” not “Mary-land.” Now let’s grab a 6-pack of Natty Boh and On On!

Although the “spring” festival is well behind us, its has not felt much like spring weather yet. In fact, the true barometer of when spring starts is usually when the peach blossoms start to bloom. With the recent uplift in temperatures it looks like we may be bang in luck with hitting this run right at the peak of their blooming. Lets see. So all we need then is the hares to set the trail somewhere that we can see them. Anyway, if we don’t see any we can drown our disappointment in flowing blooming nectar of Tsingtao beer instead. I wonder if there are any peach blossoms in the great state of Maryland? Maybe the hare can tell us!!

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