Run 1505 – 29 October 2017

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1505 Sunday October 29th, 2017
这是2017年10月29日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1505 的说明:Meet at 1:30pm, pack off at 2pm SHARP!  集合时间:下午 13:30  开始时间:下午14:00. 

Hares:  IRA

Meeting point & directions:  A to A run from Rangoli, ikiiki粋umiz的地图

Address: 169 Jian Guo Middle Rd., building 1, room 203, Shanghai, China (Close to Rui Jin Second Rd.)


Phone: 021-33561315

Subway: Line 9, Dapuqiao Road Station, Exit 4 (1号打浦桥路站4号出口)

Directions: Bring a bag for candy and follow the marks.

The Halloween Costume Run

Halloween is coming and the hash is looking up, would you please put a Guinness in the old man’s cup? If you haven’t got a Guinness a Tsingtao will do, If you haven’t got some Tsingtao then it’s a down down for you!

Greetings hashers…finally a full-on hash weekend in Shanghai again. Drunken Dragon’s awesome.

“Annual Mandarin Island” hash on Saturday followed by bringing your hangover to Shanghai H3’s “Halloween Hash” on Sunday. Come get your hash fix!

Hashers, visitors, hash retirees, strangers, dogs, cats, ghosts, gremlins, zombies, virgins…come one come all…everyone’s welcome and you never know, you may just like it (again).

Grab a costume and join us for a jolly around Dapuqiao, a few beers and a song or six.

Circle will be followed by Indian food and free flow beer…how can you resist?!?

Pack’s away at 2pm so get there on time!

See you there and if not…it must be because ’you’re the meanest, you’re a horse’s ass!’

Image result for horses ass


Run 1504 – 22 October 2017

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1504 Sunday October 22nd, 2017
这是2017年10月22日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1504 的说明:Meet at 1:30pm, pack off at 2pm SHARP!  集合时间:下午 13:30  开始时间:下午14:00. 

Hares:  VVV & Just Blake

Note the winter-friendly start time: we will pack off at 2PM!!

Meeting point & directions:  A to A run from Heng Yuan Restaurant, 衡园酒家

Address: 35 Gao’an Rd, Shanghai, China (near Hengshan Rd.)


Phone: 021-64339289

Subway: Line 1, Hengshan Road Station, Exit 1 (1号线衡山路站1號出口)

Directions: I implore you, in defiance of the literati, to follow the marks.

The Born in October Run

They say that the best people were never born at all, but then October happened. Not by accident but by decree. The first Roman emperor like his adopted father said, “I came, I saw, I conquered”, therefore we should have a month for me. Hence giving birth to Libras like me.

If you ever wondered how a name like VVV came to be; it had nothing to do with mothering, conquering or m.b.g. For poetry was envisioned that could bring happiness to thy. And this roman name came from a Spanish/Mexican poet called Octavio Paz who inspired mommy to give birth to me. Her eyes would light up every time something witty was uttered with glee.

But make no mistake, there have been many great Librans. Take James Carter, the president of the USA who knew that he was too smart for their own good (He was Obama before Obama—caring and wise). There was Mahatma Gandhi…need I say more?There is also Eminem, another great American poet. But not as smooth and suave as the DOG—AKA—Snoop Dog. And who can forget Carrie Fisher from Return of the Jedi as she smacked the slug?

Nobody cares about Margaret Thatcher & David Cameron, not even the Queen. Neil de Grasse Tyson has educated us over the years satirically on science—and NO, the Earth is not flat. Then there is Frederick Nietzsche who spread his optimism in academia, sincerely. And we cannot forget about Bruno Mars and the handsome Wolverine. Unfortunately, we can never forgive Hilary for burning Bernie that resulted in (let’s not ruin the moment here).

So, come out to this Sunday’s Hash as the last day of Libra dawns upon 22ndof October that leads us to the Scorpion.

On On, VVV!

Run 1503 – 15 October 2017

Apologies, hashers. We’ve had state-sponsored access concerns. We’ve had to recover your shenanigans from…memories. Beer memories…

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1503 Sunday October 15th, 2017
这是2017年10月15日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1503 的说明:Meet at 2:30pm, pack off at 3pm SHARP!  集合时间:下午 14:30  开始时间:下午15:00. 

Hares:  Pencil Dic & Sex Educator

Meeting point & directions:  A to A run from Lotus Restaurant, 莲餐厅。


Address:  641 Changning Rd, Shanghai, China (near Hua Yang Rd.)

The Tormented Souls Run

According to Dave Meade and The Daily Mirror the world will start ending on October 15th, triggered by the mysterious Planet X. So come and find salvation and purification for your tormented soul at Hash this Sunday.

On this run you will find solace in the greenery of the parks where tai chi is practiced daily. Who knows you might even meet romance along the way. Like Confucius said, “It’s good to meet girl in park, but better to park meat in girl.”

Calling all old dogs and fair weather hashers bring your hash cakes and come and run into oblivion with us we will make sure you will do it with a smile.

Run 1502 – 08 October 2017

Apologies, hashers. We’ve had state-sponsored access concerns. We’ve had to recover your shenanigans from…memories. Beer memories…

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1502 Sunday October 8th, 2017
这是2017年10月8日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1502 的说明:Meet at 2:30pm, pack off at 3pm SHARP!  集合时间:下午 14:30  开始时间:下午15:00. 

Hares:  Baby Sperm and Just Luis

In the spirit of the theme, you’ll find out what you’re eating when it is served to you.

Meeting point & directions:  A to A run from Line 9 Sheshan Metro Station, Exit 1,  地鐵9號線 – 佘山站1号出口。

Address: Line 9 Sheshan Metro Station, Shanghai, China

地址:地鐵9號線 – 佘山站

Phone: N/A

Subway: Line 9 Sheshan Metro Station, Exit 1 (地鐵9號線 – 佘山站1号出口)

Directions: Just show up to Exit 1 and we’ll give you delicious fun.

The Martha Stewart Run

It’s time to whip up a delicious run in the infamous Songjiang. That’s right, today in history Ms. Martha Stewart was sentenced to prison for lying to the FBI. Nevermind that our current president has admittedly lied to the former head of the FBI without repercussion, this little Suzy Homemaker did real hard time.

I wonder if they gave her a job in the kitchen, cooking up dope with a crock pot. We won’t be stopping for any pies on the way, but be prepared for sub par beers and a run through Sheshan. With Baby Sperm and some dude named Luis at the helm, this should be a run that doesn’t disappoint.

In other news, then Cock in Chief, W.J. Clinton was voted on, or rather the name of the thing of this year that carries the same name as his ‘brother,’ was voted to be moved forward with impeachment proceedings by the House. Justice must have been served or his wife was justified in her future lawlessness, because well….she got away with it 39 times. I’m sure there is a witty someone who can come up with how to ‘pull a Comey’ but it ain’t me babe, it ain’t me.

Run 1501 – 01 October 2017

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1501 Sunday October 1st 2017
这是2017年10月1日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1501 的说明:Meet at 2:30pm, pack off at 3pm SHARP!  集合时间:下午 14:30  开始时间:下午15:00.  Scan QR code to follow.

Hares:  VVV & KC/DC

Meeting point & directions:  A to A run from Hunan Country Cuisine,  湖南乡村风味

Address: 168 Wulumuqi Zhong Rd, Shanghai, China (near Anfu Rd.)


Phone: 021-64370952

Subway: Lines 1 and 7, Changshu Rd. Station, Exit 7 (1、7号线常熟路站7号出口)

Directions: Walk west along Wuyuan Rd., then turn right.

Run 1501 – The Tables are Turned

In my suburban American neighborhood, I couldn’t help but notice that on Christmas and Thanksgiving, the Jewish families ate at Chinese restaurants. There I was with my cozy family and familiar traditions, and for them, it was just another day.

Then I came to China, and now I’m watching all the Chinese people run off to their cozy families and familiar traditions, while the foreigners take advantage of a free travel week. Single tear.

If you are all alone this Sunday, while your transient friends are travelling around China without you, looking for their picture-perfect moments, then come and join the forgotten, the broke, and the wandering for a Sunday Hash Bash. We can give you the warm familiarity of a Chinese restaurant and the rustic surroundings of an empty parking lot and a case of ice cold beer.

This will be a great, short, and quick-paced run that will imbue your days to come with the reverie of our shenanigans.

With Kisses and Foam, Shanghai Mismanagement

Run 1500 – 24 September 2017

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1500 Sunday September 24th 2017
这是2017年9月24日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1500 的说明:

Hares:  WeShat & Sperminator

This is an A-to-B Run!!!

Meeting point & directions: A-to-B run from Line 8, China Art Museum Station, Exit 3 (地铁8号线中国艺术宫3号出口), to Grassland , 家在塔啦蒙古包餐厅(伊尚汇时尚店)

Address: 214 Tian Yue Qiao Rd. Yi Shang Hui Shopping Center, 4th floor.


Phone: 021-64177277

Subway: Lines 1, 9, and 11, Xujiahui Station, Exit 10 (1、9和11号线徐家汇站10号出口)

Directions: From Exit 10, follow Zhaojiabang Rd. northeast toward Tianyaoqiao Rd. Take a right. You’ll cross a small street, and then the building will be on your right.

Run 1500 – Free Beer for all the Virgins

Sing it loud, sing it proud! Sing it ’till you hit the ground. The Shanghai Hash turns 1500 runs old this week. That’s 28 years and 44 weeks of virtuoso bellowing. We’ve been in the news. Our ranks have whetted the floors of Chinese drunk tanks and the appetites of countless 上海人. But not to sound like a bunch of downers, it will be the most inspirational, fantastic, and unforgettable Hash event since 1986 when the Shanghai Hash had its first run. And for those who were there for it know it was unforgettable, and this run shall be like your first time again—but for some it just might be another forgotten moment after many beer-stops and endless participation in the CIRCLE, and wake up and say: “Oh my F^N$@n God what did I do yesterday!” as you climb out of a strange bed to make it to work. So, join us for the energy, entertainment, and camaraderie that the Shanghai Hash has always delivered.

Run 1499 – 17 September 2017

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1499 Sunday September 17th 2017
这是2017年9月17日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1499 的说明:

Hares:  Sex Educator & Baby Sperm

Meeting point & directions: A-to-A run from Big Pot Small Bro (Chong Qing Style Froggy Fish Hot Pot)…gigidy, 大锅小哥重庆美蛙鱼火锅(洞泾店)

Address: Cheng Long Rd, Alley 629, Building 10, Room 114, Shanghai, China (Near the first row to the right of Exit 1 at Dong Jing station)


Phone: 133 8150 9905

Subway:  Line 9, Dong Jing Station, Exit 1 (9号线洞泾站1号出口)

Directions: Turn right, make like a bee, and line it.

The Oktoberfest Hash

Beer, for hashers, is like medicine for normal people, in that it cures injuries and diseases. This beautiful drink has its roots in many countries, and no country but Germany is linked so closely to the greatness determined by the “Reinheitsgebot”, the purity order of the hops, water and barley which can be traced back to 1516.

By that heritage, Munich is hosting today’s largest beer festival, the Oktoberfest, which is the anniversary celebration of the wedding between Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig and his wife, Princess Therese of Saxony. This year’s Oktoberfest is open this weekend, Sep. 16, and lasts until Oct. 3rd. 7 Million liters of beer will be served, all of which was brewed within the city limits of Munich. In this spirit we will run through the green fields and along rivers in the outskirts of Shanghai to celebrate our SH3 beer fest with ice cold Tsingtao!

Run 1497 – 10 September 2017

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1497 Sunday September 10th 2017
这是2017年9月10日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1497 的说明:

Hares:  Swinging Dick & Gas Bag

Meeting point & directions: A-to-A run from The Restless Village, 风波庄(黄浦店)

Address: 670 Middle Sichuan Rd, Shanghai, China (near South Suzhou Rd)


Phone: 021-63213986

Subway:  Lines 2 or 10, East Nanjing Rd. Station, Exit 6 (2、10号线南京东路站6号出口)

Directions: Head North along Henan Middle Rd., then turn right on South Suzhou Rd. (it’s after East Beijing Rd.). Continue on South Suzhou Rd. until you pass Sichuan Middle Rd. The Restaurant is on the left.

The Hunger Games Hash

Everyone has a little Katniss in them. I, for one, would love to cut my own hair perfectly with a rusty knife after three days of bloody carnage (so I get where she’s coming from). I’m willing to give that a try in Shanghai’s very own Restless Village, a restaurant with more Dark Ages weaponry just laying around than my dream home.

Speaking of target practice, we finally have something fun to do with our mountains of empty Tsingtao bottles (don’t worry, we won’t bring them empty!). Come enjoy some martial culture this Sunday.

FUTURE HARE LINE: To volunteer to hare email

Run 1497 – 10 September – Hares: Swinging Dick & Gas Bag
Run 1498a – 17 September – Hares: Sex Educator
Run 1498b – 24 September – Hares: TBA
Run 1499a – 1 October – Hares: TBA
Run 1499b – 8 October – Hares: Louis
Run 1500!!!! – 15 October – Hares: TBA
Run 1501 – 22 October – Hares: TBA
Run 1502 – 29 October – Hares: IRA

Run 1496 – 3rd September 2017

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1496 Sunday September 3rd 2017
这是2017年9月3日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1496 的说明:

Hares:  VVV & The Bomb

Meeting point & directions: A-to-A run from Mingxiatang Eatery, 名虾堂小吃(龙柏店)

Address: 398 Hongsong Rd, Minhang district, Shanghai, China


Phone: 18056604228

Subway:  Line 10, Longbai Xincun Station, Exit 5 (10号线龙柏新村站5号出口)

Directions: Follow the marks north-west.

The Bluebird Run

Hashers Hashers

When you hear the number 300, what comes to mind?

The need for speed!

On this day 80 years ago September 1935, Sir Malcolm Campbell had achieved a milestone in driving, he set a new record for speed on land, in his 2,500-hp motor car Bluebird. Over two laps on a one-mile course, the car averaged a speed of 301.129 miles per hour, shattering a record set earlier that year.

September 3rd, 1935 Sir Malcolm Campbell took his beloved Blue Bird out to the Bonneville Salt Flats where he drove it straight into the record books. The car that featured the 36.7L supercharged Rolls Royce airplane engine producing 2300+ horsepower managed to reach the elusive 300mph mark. With a land speed record you use two runs, and the combined average of those runs is what becomes the record. Campbell’s two run average was 301.337mph. All thanks to a massive blue car with a catchy name and monster airplane engine under the hood.

In his honor, were going to run like were breaking a running record—but most likely 300 down downs is all we can realistically achieve on such short notice.

Run 1495 – 27th August 2017

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1495 Sunday August 27th 2017
这是2017年8月27日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1495 的说明:

Hares:  Mount Fuji & 10 Years Dry

Meeting point & directions: A-to-A run from Dongbei Renjia, 东北人家

Address: #206 Fujian Middle Rd. Huangpu District, China (Near Fuzhou Rd., Hankou Rd., and the Zhongwai Dongda Building)


Phone: 021-63757595

Subway:  Line 2, 7, East Nanjing Rd. Station, Exit 4 (2、7号线南京东路站4号出口)

Directions: From Exit 4, follow the marks for about 500m.

The International Banana Lover’s Day Run

Let’s go bananas about the Shanghai H3 on August 27th! It is Banana Lovers Day! Let’s celebrate one of the most popular fruits in the world and also Shanghai’s very own best beer bitch ever….The Banana.

Did you know that the average person eats about 33 pounds of bananas a year? That’s approximately 100 bananas per person! Rumor has it that the only thing to wash them down is Tsingtao.

To celebrate Banana Lovers Day, grab a bunch of bananas, and come join the Shanghai H3. Fiber, potassium, and carbs galore.

Wear yellow and come enjoy a cool run in hot Shanghai. OnOn!