Hare Guide 101

If you have been volunteered / honored as a HARE, pls use the document linked below as your guide for your run to be “the best run EVER!!” oN oN!

Hare Guide as at Dec2016

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the linked .pdf file.


Haring 101 – “simplified” guide for virgin hares:

By now you may have been somewhat blackmailed, coaxed and undoubtedly sweet talked by your hare raiser to set a trail for the Shanghai Hash House Harriers, we appreciate you taking time from your *ahem* busy schedule (we know people in Shanghai just sit around drinking beer and judging people) to set an unforgettable trail. We have full confidence in your haring ability. Haring might seem a little overwhelming at first but once you’ve got a few runs under your belt everything seems to make sense.
First things first, communication is key:
You will have been appointed a lead co-hare who will aim to pass on their wisdom and help you understand the “haring” protocol. Do remember, there is no right way to hare – everyone has different ways of setting a trail and uniqueness is warmly welcomed.
Secondly, mismanagement:
Mismanagement are a bunch of dedicated hashers who take care of everything behind the scenes from tallying up cash to ensuring everyone is adequately merry. You will be added to a WeChat group with all members of mismanagement who are always there to settle any queries.

General hash schedule:
If you’re a relatively new hasher it might be useful to know some key timings to help you set the best trail ever. These timings are not set in stone and can vary weekly. This is just a rough guide.
2.30pm Hashers meet at designated restaurant
3.00pm All hashers set off on the run / walk
5.00pm Hashers arrive back at the restaurant
5.15pm Circle begins
6.15pm Dinner begins
8.30pm Head to oN oN (optional next bar to continue drinking)

Key terminology:
Hash: An international non-competitive running / social club
Hasher: Someone who runs the hash
Hare: Someone who sets the trails for the runs
Circle: An event after the run where hashers gather in a circle,discuss the run & drink beer
Hare raiser: Someone who searches for people to hare the runs
A to A run: A run which begins at one point (A) and loops around to finish at the same point.
A to B run: A run which begins at one point (A) and finished at another point (B)
RA: “Religious Advisor” AKA the person who runs the circle after the run
Hash Cash: Collects run money and pays for dinner and reimbursement.

Now down to the nitty gritty:
1. Rough location: Discuss with your co-hare the area in which you are interested in setting a trail. Ideally pick a location away from areas we have run in the past four weeks. See “RUN HISTORY & PHOTOS” page on the Shanghai H3 website. (http://www.shanghai-h3.com/run-history/)
2. Metro stop: Decide with your co-hare which metro station to send hashers to and which exit. You will need to mark from this exit to your restaurant of choice.
3. Pre-scout: Try and scout the trail via Google maps or Baidu Maps first to get a rough idea of the area, the distance, the availability of beer stops (usually 2 or 3 is sufficient). The hash has a strong “walking” group so two trails need to be considered. A longer 7-9km trail for runners and a shorter 4-6km walk for the walkers.
4. Picking a restaurant. The hash allows for roughly around 60RMB per head. Choose a restaurant within 1km of the metro stop. Most dishes should range from 8 RMB to 45 RMB, with the average to be about 25 RMB. Alcohol at the restaurant: Ensure the restaurant is happy with us bringing our own alcohol to dinner. If not and we need to purchase beer from them, it should be no more than 10RMB per 750ml bottle.
Bags at the restaurant: Ask whether they can store hashers bags somewhere safe between 2:30pm and 5:30pm. If either of these is an issue, you’ll need to pick another restaurant.
A member of mismanagement assist with ordering food on the day for you if needed.
Restaurant deposit: Sometimes the restaurant asks for a deposit. This is okay (the hash will reimburse you) however do not commit to a minimum number of people or tables, we cannot guarantee how many people will turn up each week. You can tell them that at around 3pm on the day we can give them more secure numbers.
Dining area: Private room or off to a corner away from the other regular diners is best (where available)
Cooperative restaurant: Easygoing restaurant manager or staff goes a long way. It is your
judgment call. Beer price and bag storing are often the main sticking points. Don’t be afraid to walk out at this stage to find a more cooperative restaurant.
5. Select circle location: Privacy is best although not always possible. Side street is better than main street where foot traffic is high. Small parks by residential neighborhoods are ok if it is not right outside someone’s apartment window. Sometimes the hash restaurant has a suitable indoor or outdoor space, negotiate with them. The space should be able to accommodate around 20 hashers, depending on turnout.
6. Select beer vendor near the circle site: This is for the circle beer. Refrigerated beer is preferred. Usually you need 1 to 3 crates depending on the temperature and number of people. (1 crate = 12 x 750ml bottles) Cost is normally 3-5 RMB / bottle from a local store. Good stores to look out for are: Family Mart, Lawsons, 7/11 or any small local convenience store. 1 crate should be no more than 60RMB. Usually the cheapest beer is Tsingtao or Suntory.
7. Scout full trail starting from the restaurant: It is recommended to do this the day before or weekend before with your co-hare. Scouting: one way to do this is to look at a map of the area, select key points of interest (a park, a temple, scenic spot, etc.), then connect the dots and bring this map to your scouting trip. Adjust as you go because the map may show a road that goes through when in fact it does not. However this is an excellent use of an “oh shit!”
Beer stops: Two or three stops. Three in summer when hotter. Evenly space these throughout the run / walk. For example if you have a 9km run with 2 beer stops the beer stops should be at 3km in and 6km in. Walkers trail: Walker’s trail should be about half or two-thirds of the distance of the runner’s trail. It would be nice to plan both trails so that they arrive at the same beer stops at the same time. Who doesn’t like coming at the same time? Walking hare: If you will not have a walking hare on Sunday, note the walker’s trail carefully and make a walker’s maps for use on day of the run. Mismanagement will appoint an experienced walking hare on the day to lead the pack.
8. Arrange chalk, plastic cups & walkers map:
Chalk: Contact mismanagement beforehand to give you chalk. If you cannot meet them before the day you much purchase chalk yourself. The hash will reimburse you as long as you provide a receipt. Convenience stores in very local neighborhoods or toy/stationary stores tend to have them. Otherwise there is very over-priced chalk for sale at IKEA.
Plastic cups: On the beer stops hashers share large bottles of beer and drink from plastic or paper cups. Buy these from any supermarket or convenience store. The hash will reimburse you as long as you provide a receipt. Give the cups to a walker to put in their bag. For runners who arrive early at a beer stop plastic cups can be bought there and then alongside the beer. Walkers map: If you are without a walking hare unconfident of the walking trail markings, draw a walkers map in advance and make a few photocopies.
9. WeChat announcement: Now it’s time to ensure lots of hashers come and run your amazing trail. Mismanagement need the details of your run 6 days’ prior to the Monday before your run to update the website and sent the WeChat announcement. Include meeting point details in English and Chinese, directions and run theme.
10. Reconfirm with restaurant: A couple days before the run call the restaurant or drop by to reconfirm your booking.
11. Visit the restaurant: On the day of the run visit the restaurant before you mark the trail, check out where hashers bags will be left and which space they have allocated you. Inform them dinner should be served around 6/6.30pm
12. Double check circle location: Sometimes the space you thought was perfect may be blocked by cars or miraculously filled with rubble. Double check before you mark the trail.
13. Marking the trail:

1. “oN oN” the right trail
Hashers should call out “oN oN” upon seeing this mark so followers know they are on trail
2. “Walkers trail” A mark to indicate the walkers trail
3. “Open check” The trail can change in any direction and hashers must check every possible route. Another “oN on” mark will be found within 100m indicating the correct way
4. “Three way” or “two way” check. The hares are limiting your options for checking. One of the three or two directions is correct.
5. “Oh Shit!” The hares have lead you to a dead end. Go back to the last open check, three way check, two way check and try another direction.
6. “Hash hold” or “Hash halt” Stop and wait for other hashers to catch up before continuing
7. “Beer near” This mark is seen just before a Beer Stop
8. “Beer stop” All hashers stop for around 10 minutes, consume beer and then carry on
Other marks that you make up are accepted as long as they are explained before the run.
Examples are: SS – Shot stop, SS, Selfie stop etc.
14. Bottled water: Once you have an idea of numbers grab some money off Hash Cash around 2.45pm and buy some bottled water. Aim for under 2RMB per bottle. In winter plan for 1 bottle per person, in summer plan for 2 bottles per person. If you need to purchase from your own pocket retain receipts and the hash will reimburse you.
15. Waiting: Wait at meeting point for hashers to show up
16. Obtain numbers: Ask Hash Cash how many people arrived so you can inform restaurant of numbers
17. Start of the run: Assign one hare to write down hash number ie. #1542 and marks you’ve used on trail on the floor
18. Inform GM hares are ready: GM will call everyone into a circle. GM announces run number and hands over to the RA to introduce the hares so you can explain marks to virgins

Congratulations. You are fully prepared to hare your first hash. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the mismanagement in the WeChat group.


Because most hasher’s attention span is about as long as it takes for them to do a down-down, here are the key things to remember to ensure your trail is the best trail of the weekend!
Weekend Before
Set restaurant: meal <60RMB/person, beer <10RMB/each or BYO, confirm can secure bags.
Set trail – 9km max runner, 6km max walkers, 2-3 beer stops, find store nearby to buy beer and circle location.
Send run info – Restaurant name (CN & EN), restaurant address (CN & EN), nearest metro station, closest exit, directions from the metro to A, run theme & short write-up to run WeChat group.
Weekend of the Hash
Confirm details again with restaurant and any beer vendors who need to chill beer before the run. Set your best ever trail – Start marking the trail in the morning so we are not hare-less at the starting line. Bring chalk, cups & walkers map (if needed) – Hash Cash can reimburse with receipt. Get number of diners from Hash Cash to order food.
Write run number and draw marks for your trail.