Mismanagement 2017/18

Octavio “VVV” Araujo. joint GM/RA
A semi experienced hasher. Well, semi cos he learnt from the Tianjin Teda hash in the past. Hailing from some Hispanic speaking land, please formulate your communications with him slowly.
John Kopcienski, joint GM/RA
No information yet, but its likely to be boring anyway. Tall and a keen and fast runner, so a useful addition to our merry band of hashers.
Kat “Anything Goes” Goddard, RA
Miss Congeniality. But now she is an RA you better get and stay on her good side otherwise the circles could become very very wet indeed for you.
“IRA” – Hareraiser
Probably our most experienced hasher on Mismanagement currently. Hashed in many places and most recently in Japan. He hails from Ireland but that has nothing to do with his name. Ask him about it, but then expect to drink too.
Stuart “Chicken Dicken” Anderson, cash
Also an experienced hasher. In fact he and IRA have even set runs together in the past, also in Japan.
Casey “KCDC” Coleman, web and communications, RA.
A relative new comer, so a recent virgin, who only started hashing in Shanghai a few months ago, but so loves it and wants to help make an impact. A student at Jiaotong University studying some bullshit.
Jen Bunty, haberdashery.
Jen “Just Jen” Bunty: A recent hash recruit, she’s terrible at running but great at drinking. However, it is the strongest samurai that lays down his sword and you won’t see her taking a down-down for a while. When asked to comment she said, “Ugh, that means I’m just showing up to run. Fuck.”

What do they even do?

Besides sitting around and looking important, the Shanghai H3 mismanagement are busy making the Hash greater by the day. Here’s what’s on the agenda for our next meeting:

Objective: organize the following events:

  1. Run #1500 – this landmark run number lands right in the middle of China’s Golden Week, so we need to figure out whenwhere, and how much we need to make it awesome.
  2. The Red Dress Run – because we care and are proud to look sexy. We need to decide the usual when, where and what, as well as rally for charitable enthusiasm.

Objective: internal organization.

  1. Coordinate Summer Schedules – many of us will be away from Shanghai for long stretches of time, so how do we balance our responsibilities?
  2. Who will be Hash Cash!?! – this critical position needs additional support. Ideally, we’d have another volunteer working with us.
  3. Run Histories – it’s no secret that the Shanghai Hash let its records lapse in previous years. We seek to build a system that even a drunk monkey could use to ensure that no run goes unrecorded again.
Questions and Concerns:
Send your questions and concerns to every mismanagement member using the following email address: shanghaihash@gmail.com
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