Mismanagement 2016/17

2016/17 Committee

Co GM: Paul “Sperminator” Tu: OMG they let him back in again?? To date, he is the only ex GM to be called the “shitty” ex GM. But we are sure, after this reign of terror he will become the only “even shittier” ex GM. May the beer gods have mercy on all SH3 hashers. He is married now but that has fortunately no quelled his hashing appetite but beware if he suggest a Taiwanese Restaurant for the oN oN.

RB fenceCo GM: John “Roomboy” Malins: Balance continues not to be his strong suite. Also the only man known to mankind that can fall fast asleep during the busiest hours at Judy’s or Manhattan. Known for his efforts to keep the All China Nash hash alive and ‘running’ for the last 15 years.

Co RA: John “Ezy Rider” : Imported from Beijing like the last RA, Ezy Rider is experienced and so certainly will figure in the future of the Shanghai Hash with his commitment. As can be seen from his significant presence, he lies his beer so well suited to getting lots of down downs when conducting the circle. Test it out.

magic_roundaboutCo RA: Melissa “Time for Bed” Collins: This young filly hails from Swindon in the United Kingdom, the home of the Magic Roundabout consisting of 5 smaller roundabouts named after a 1970s kids TV show, with its famous line, “Time for bed said Zebedee” at the end of each episode. But if you want to try and see how that line works, be prepared for what happens.

Forest Dump newCo Hash Cash: Peter “Forest Dump” Mills: Not only does he look like a dinosaur, he is in fact a real dinosaur. Famous for his “beer snobbery” and for insisting on only the ‘best’ quality Tsingdao.  Unsure if he is working or semi retired…. but with his free time is a frequent hasher and hare around Shanghai such as the Drunken Dragon and of course the DOGS, but excluding the 85%.

AdamsAppleCo Hash Cash: Eve “Adam’s Apple” Jones: From good ol’ Blighty in case you cannot tell from her accent, this hasher is so committed that she even broke her leg in preparation for a run back in 2014. When asked about managing the hash finances, her reply was, “only if the numbers are not too big or complicated” so expect we will make a huge loss this year.


catsterbatorWeChat Co-ordinator: Buffalo “Castabator” Huang: As you know, wechat has become the prime social media means of communication worldwide and of course SH3 is no different. Castabator PROMISES to get the run details out twice a week, Wednesdays and Fri or Sat EVERY week to boost attendance.

Repeat OffenderHash Flash: Richard “Repeat Offender” : Like the paparazzi, quietly goes about his business snapping away to create those embarrassing photos that seem to make up the run photo album the next day on the website. If you see him, look away or at least be conscious of what you are doing. Or maybe even just be conscious! As you can see from this selfie though, he is no Lord Lichfield!


Community Cultural Relations Officers: WeShat, Diamond Duck and Lost in Dicktaken.

Diamond DuckWeShat Lost in Dicktaken (1)