Mismanagement 2015/16

Commitee 2015_16Joint Master: Peter “Forest Dump” Mills

Forest Dump newNot only does he look like a dinosaur, he is in fact a real dinosaur. Famous for his “beer snobbery” and for insisting on only the ‘best’ quality Tsingdao.  Unsure if he is working or semi retired…. but with his free time is a frequent hasher and hare around Shanghai. Regularly spotted on the Drunken Dragon and DOGS hashes.  Legendary for his reluctance to buy girls drinks in bars and for not being part of the “on on on” scene, but he says this will change in 2015/16, we will see…..

Joint Master: Buffalo “Castabator” Huang catsterbator

Blah blah blah blah blah. Blah, blah blah. Blah. To be updated. Just to use up the space to get the formatting right at the moment.


RA/Hareraiser/Songmaster: Glenn “p e cummings” ConnellyPE Cummings

Contortionist? Funny Man? Serious Man? Lousy hare? All of the above right. But gotta love him and his creativity and discovering and writing some new, vulgar and positively disgusting hash songs. Well done!!


RA/Hareraiser/Songmaster: Ricky “Prancing Queen” HelePrancing Queen

Our own stage star. Always guaranteed to step up and in to entertain the ladies, no matter the venue, weather or time of day. Such talents dont come easy, they take lots of effort, refinement and of course lots of Qingdao.


Hash Cash: Kim “Forbidden Entry” Quesnel Kim Forbidden Entry Quesnel

As quiet as ever, but isnt that how accounts are and supposed to be. Canadian by birth, hasher by origin, try keeping up with her and you will soon find out you need to stop smoking, give up cigarettes and exercise much much more. Mind you, it is good she is as fast as lightening so no one can catch her and steal the hash coffers.


HonSex/Communications: John “Roomboy” Malins RB fence

Balance has obviously never been his strong suite. Also the only man known to man that can fall fast asleep during the busiest hours at Judy’s or Manhattan.


Beer Meister: Paul “Sperminator” TuSpermy St Pats

What can be said. A shitty ex GM in every sense of the term. Married a harriette in Dec 2015 in a lavish hash wedding run. Poor her, may our prayers be with her. Famous for green beer for St Patrick’s day runs, setting trails on his scooter, bud Englych, and for the fact that he has probably seen more vaginas that the entire SH3 pack in history


Hasherdashery Queen/Santa Hash: Greta “Everything’s Wet” Tasedan Everythings Wet
(and shes also responsible for reconstructing the hash stats since she $%*&ed it up mid term as GM)

Also an ex-GM. But not quite as shitty as Sperminator. Hater of Chinese food, always looking to have the oN oN in a restaurant that serves burgers, pizza and salad.


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