Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1426 Sunday 8th May 2016
这是2016年5月8日,星期日,SH3 Run #1426 的说明:
Meet 2:30pm, pack off 3pm SHARP! 集合时间:下午14:30  开始时间:下午15:00


The Beer Festival Run:beerfest 2016 poster

Hares: The Bomb, Cum Collector and Roomboy.

Venue/Directions: Xizang Nan Lu Subway Station, lines 4 and 8, exit 2. This is an A to B run, Lao Chen’s beer car will transport the bags. B is Waima Lu close to the beer festival entrance. NOTE there is NO BASH this week so price adjusted to RMB50 but includes FREE beer festival admission ticket. But note, entry must be before 5pm to be valid.


WeChatImage635969421108158284Run 1427 – 15 May 2016. COMMITTEE HANDOVER RUN!! Hares: outgoing committee lead by Forest Dump. Probably Everythings Wet FOYB run too!!

This run includes a wonderful and unique ROYAL GALA BASH!!! For the usual RMB100 fee, you will be treated to a buffet of Shanghai’s finest Indian Cuisine at Kebabs on the Grill in the cool docks AND receive a commemorative patch. Dinner includes two hours of FREE FLOW WINE AND BEER. This event is limited to 50 hashers. Register your interest by clicking on THIS LINK however it is expected that this event will be oversubscribed, so regular attending hashers will be given priority attendance if over demanded! Registration closes Friday May 13th at 4pm. No registrations on the day!

Run 1428 – 22 May 2016. Hares: Kentucky F@c&ing Cousins (KFC) and Stick Massage. A classic by two old experienced old veteran Shanghai hashers.

Run 1429 – 29 May 2016. Hares: Twisted Phister, Diamond Duck and Lost in Dicktaken.

Run 1430 – 5 June. Hares needed

Run 1431 – 12 June. Hares needed

Run 1432 – 19 June. Hares needed. SUMMER SOLSTICE run. Longest Day of the year!

Run 1433 – 26 June. Hares needed

Run 1434 – 3 July. p.e.cummings FOYC run. US INDEPENDENCE DAY celebration!

Run 1449/50 – 15/16 Oct 2016. 30th ANNIVERSARY RUN. Don’t miss this mega event!

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