Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1486 Sunday 25th June 2017
这是2017年6月25日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1486 的说明:
Meet at 2:30pm, pack off at 3pm SHARP!  集合时间:下午14:30  开始时间:下午15:00. Scan QR code to follow.

Hares:  BFG & FFB & Just Paul

Meeting point & directions: A to A run from Goose Mansion in Xin Tian Di, 鹅庄(新天地店)

Address: 70 Tai Cang Rd., Shanghai, China (opposite Xin tian di’s Hao le di)


Phone: 021-63903885

Subway:  Line 1, South Huangpi Rd. Station, Exit 2 (1号线黄陂南路站2号口)

Directions: Follow the bodily fluids…woops! Follow the marks.


It’s almost the end of the Plum Rain season and time for another Hash. 33 years ago today, Prince released his seminal album: Purple Rain. Whether his semen was actually purple, most of us will never know, but I bet some of you still have it on your iPod (the album, not his semen).

Purple Rain sold more than 20 million copies worldwide and was voted the 2nd best album of the 80’s by Rolling Stone Magazine. Extra Down Down on Sunday for any incorrect guess of what was #1 as the Purple One said (on a different album) “the sky was all purple and there were people runnin’ everywhere.” To celebrate the little man’s work, pull on your platform running shoes, wear something purple, Take Me with U and Let’s Go Crazy…. Hopefully it won’t actually rain on that day.

Incidentally, it’s the anniversary of Custer’s Last Stand. Let’s see who the last man standing is. Probably not OddJob…

FUTURE HARE LINE: To volunteer to hare email

Run 1486 – 25 June – Hares: BFG & FFB & Just Paul
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