Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1468 Sunday 19th February 2017
这是2017年2月19日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1468 的说明:
Meet daily at 2:30pm, pack off at 3pm SHARP! 集合时间:下午14:30  开始时间:下午15:00. Scan QR code to follow.

Hares: KCDC & Anything Goes

Meeting point & directions: A to B Run. A is Jing An Temple station, lines 2 & 7, exit 5.(静安寺站5号门口). B is Dongbei restaurant, 667 Panyu Lu (东北人家, 番禺路667号).

Adam’s Apple FOYB Run.

After year of getting injured/sick, getting drunk and missing work on Monday mornings, Eve “Adam’s Apple” Jones is leaving us for pastures old. Yes, that’s right, not new, old. Instead of going on to somewhere new and exotic, she has decided to go back to good ‘ol Blighty, and, the grand dutchy of Northampton no less. Gonna be a big change. By recent census, the city has a population of 212,000 so its about 0.3% as big as Shanghai. And it doesn’t even have a hash (of its own). The city is known for its defunct Cobler’s Needle, it’s championship winning Saints rugby team and the Delapre Beer Festival at least. Being part of the East Midlands (India), she will have to travel to such bastions as Bicester, Milton Keynes and Hooray Henley in the richer enclaves of Buckinghamshire to the South to get her hashing fix. AA is of course known for her flamboyant and colourful outfits and even more so perhaps her equally colourful hair styles. I wonder what it will be today, I’m guessing a grey/silver dye with purple stripes mix.

FUTURE HARE LINE: To volunteer to hare email

Run 1469 – 26 Feb – Oddjob & Just Barry.  International Polar Bear Day Run
Run 1470 – 5 Mar – Hares needed. World Book Day and World Wildlife Day Run.
Run 1471 – 12 Mar – WeShat (birthday girl). Girl Scouts Day Run
(16th All China Nash Hash weekend, Chengdu)
Run 1472 – 19 Mar – St Patrick’s Day – Hares needed
Run 1473 – 26 Mar – Hares needed. The No Theme Yet Day Run.
Run 1474 – 2 Apr – Forest Dump. April Fools Day Run
Run 1475 – 9 Apr – Hares needed. Winston Churchill Day Run.
Run 1476 – 16 Apr – Hares needed. Easter Day Bunny Egg Hunt Run
Run 1477 – 23 Apr – Master W@nker & Stinkbomb. Saint George’s Day, Shakespeare’s birthday and hares double birthday epic.
Run 1478 – 30 Apr – Hares needed. International Jazz (and Bugs Bunny) Day Run.
Run 1479 – 7 May – Hares needed. Mothers Day, VE Day and Beer Pong Day Run
Run 1480 – 14 May – MM Handover 2016/17. Hares: Incoming and outgoing GMs

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