Run 1383 – July 12th, 2015

This Sunday, the Shanghai hash will have a special guest hare, Tropical Storm Chan-Hom. Hares Prancing Queen and No name Erica will set a glorious A-B live trail through the streets (and possibly rivers) of Shanghai. If, by the end of the trail, you havent had your fill of water, then there will be plenty more for you to drink in your Tsingtao at the circle.

PLEASE NOTE: there is a strong potential of torrential rain. Lets make the most of it and run in our finest swimwear/underwear/nothing.

Run type: (A – B). Hares: Prancing Queen and Just Erica

Meeting Point (A): Nanjing East Road & Jiangxi Middle Road. Line 2, Nanjing East Road Station, exit 2, follow the marks to the corner of Nanjing East Road and Jiangxi Road. Restaurant/ Circle Location (B) : 928 Changle Lu

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