Run 1387 – August 9th, 2015


Its been many moons (both in the sky and from dropped pants) since Haibao graced every coner in the ‘Hai’. As the fifth anniversary of the hottest gathering of 80 million people in the death zone known as Expo 2010 Shanghai, join your hares Xiao Si and Sperminator for a 40 degree, death defying jog through memory lane. In addition to visiting the rubble of all the countries except the Faggy French, Irascible Italians, Slutty Saudis and Neutered Nepalese, the hash will literally take you for a ride amidst steaming garbage. Be prepared for the steamiest of the steamy, the smelliest of the smelly, the….you get the point.

Our female friends, feel free to defile Chinese sensibilities by wearing as little as possible for visitors to the upside down pyramid clone monstrosity known as the China Art Palace (aka Hu Jintao’s res wash basin). Men, let us invade the shores of Shanghai in style (that is to say, with raging hard-ons and beers in each hand).

Run type: (A – B). Hares: Sperminator & Xiao Si.

Meeting Point (A) Restaurant/Circle Location(B) (A – B run): 
By Metro to (A): lines 7&8 to Yao Hua Road station in Pudong, exit #1.
(B) is “Er Zhun” Restaurant, 70 Taicang Lu, Xintiandi.

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