Run 1388 – August 16th, 2015


Run type: (A – A). Hares: Maths Factor & Cherry Popper.

Nobody wants to hare with MF. He twice had arranged co-hares who pulled out on him at the last minute, but finally today, he has found someone that wont pull out, Cherry Popper. Actually I thought it should be Maths Factors that should be doing the “pulling out” anyway.

So, why is it an “all the way up north AGAIN” run. Well. When anyone declares a run that is north of line 2, our dear ex shitty GM complains that it is oh so far away. However, in reality, the last 2, maybe 3 runs, have been no further than Hongkou stadium or 2 stations past the railway station on line 1, that is not far. So this is just to belittle his *&(^)ng moaning.

Meeting Point (A) Restaurant/Circle Location(A) (A – A run): 
996 PuShan Lu (near Lao Hu Tai Road
By Metro to (A): Line 1 to YanChang Road, Exit 3. Turn left onto Yanchang Zhong Lu, walk about 150m then turn left onto Pushan Lu and restaurant is on right side

Run1388 rest exterior Run1388 rest add (2) Run1388 rest add (1) Run1388 map eng Run1388 map chn

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