Run 1390 – 30 August 2015

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1390 Sunday August 30th, 2015
这是2015年8月30日,星期日,SH3 Run #1390 的说明:
Meet 2:30pm, pack off 3pm SHARP! 集合时间:下午2:30-3:00  开始时间:下午3:00


This week we welcome some new hashers to Shanghai as virgin SH3 hares. They have hashed and hared in other places, eg Guangzhou (wherever that is) but never before in the beautiful, derelict, broken, back lanes of this great shitty city. So come along and support them, get lost on trail, blame their funny markings, heckle them, then make them drink copious amounts of fine amber nectar in the circle. To the hares…..

(Drumrolls)….. Ladies and gentlemen, Hash you know, the French have long enjoyed their reputation as being wonderful lovers (sounds like…), possessing brilliant minds, as well as producing renowned architecture. This Sunday, your beloved Shanghai Hash mismanagement proposes a run through the French concession area with loads of surprises. What to expect:

  • The number of historical sites to which no other run can possibly compare.
  • An ancient luxury hotel from the 30s.
  • A French-style haunted castle (WTF?!) be aware of the ghost though.
  • The newly-acquired cultural knowledge that you can use later to impress the ladies during drinks, or just any occasion (Seriously, she might not know WTF you are talking about, but surely she’ll nod and be amazed…)
  • A trail covered by beautiful tall plane trees, just like old times

And the best part of all? We’re finally going to a proper western restaurant (Vegetarian Options available!!). No more dodgy spicy food from XXX province (I do give my sincere apologies to all the hashers from Hunan and Sichuan province). No more worries about whether recycled cooking oil will ruin all the work you’ve done running 10K.

ARE YOU READY FOR THE BEST HASH EVER ?????? Be prepared! We all know that you won’t resist to sing this shitty song : “OU EST LE PAPIER!?” Well, the only thing you have to do is to show your ass Sunday, August 30 before 3:00 at the Huangpi Nanlu subway station exit 2. ON ON!

Run type: (A – B). Hares: Double Dutch, Dirty Rags and Three Inches.
Meeting Point (A) Huang Pi Nan Lu Station, line 1, exit 2. Follow marks to start.
Restaurant/Circle Location (B): Circle at the Pushkin Statue at end of Taojiang Rd.

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Dinner at Abbey Road, #3 TaoJiang Lu, corner of FenYang Lu. Tel : 5466-2069.
By Metro to (A): HuangPi Nan Lu station, line 1, exit 2. Follow marks to start.
By Metro to (B): Line 1 to Changshu Lu, exit 4, then walk down Baoqing Road and then left into Taojiang Road.

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