Run 1393 – September 20th, 2015

Run 1393 Sunday September 20th, 2015
这是2015年9月20日,星期日,SH3 Run #1393 的说明:


When one Taiwanese drinks, all Taiwanese drink, remember that. This run has both ends of the Spectrum. One hare is slim, tall, sleek hair, “xiao shuaige” and the desire of every harriettes heart. And then there’s the other one. However, as a team, with masses of SH3 hare experience between them, it promises to be a trail of epic proportions.

And to follow, our favorite cuisine, spicy Hunan, washed down with gallons of cold Qingdao. And this time of the year is the most pleasant weather for hashing. So you have no excuses, get your scrawny a$$es out there and have some fun!!

Run type: (A – A). Hares: Sperminator & Toyboy.
Meeting Point/Restaurant/Circle Location (A): Hunan Country Cuisine Restaurant, 168 Ulumuqi Middle Road. 湖南乡村风味,乌鲁木齐中路168号, 近安福路.
By Metro to (A): Changshu Lu station, lines 7 (best) and 1, exit 8. Walk along Yuyuan Lu and then turn right into Ulumuqi Lu, restaurant is on the left before Anfu Lu.


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