Run 1396 – October 11th, 2015

Run 1396 Sunday October 11th, 2015
这是2015年10月11日,星期日,SH3 Run #1396 的说明:

THE « Voulez-vous coucher avec moi » RUN!

Find a suitable mate is not an easy issue, that’s for sure… and you are trying very hard, we all know that, poor thing…

Of course, if you could just speak a little bit of French, it could help you to accost some gorgeous bimbos or some hunky males in the streets of Shanghai and will enhance your chances to finally get laid…

LUCKY YOU! DNI and Dirty Rags know how desperate you are…

In order to transform you in a real French Fucker Lover, they have THE solution…

Our lovely hares will provide you with some free of charge lessons all along a terrific trail this Sunday!

Indeed, all the marking of the trail will be in French so that you can practice and extend your considerable vocabulary. You may also finally be able to make the French-speaking hashers understand you when you shout this shitty “où est le papier” song!

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Hares: Double Nipple Impact and Dirty Rags

Meeting Point/Start/Rendez-vous (A) : 

Super Delicious House (美味坊)Jiao Zhou Rd. Lane #273, #58. 4F of Super 8 Hotel. (Near Xin Zha Rd.) 胶州路273弄58号速8酒店4 楼(近新闸路)

By Metro: 

Line 2 :  JingAn Temple Station. Exit #2. Walk 400m north on Jiaozhou Rd toward Xinzha Rd. Lane #273 Super 8 Hotel will be on the left hand side.

Line 7 : Changping Rd Station. Walk 100m west on Changping Rd and turn left onto Jiaozhou Rd. Walk 400m south. Lane #273 Super 8 Hotel will be on the right hand side.

By Taxi:  JiaoZhou Rd. 278 (Near XinZha Rd.) 中国上海胶州路278弄 (靠近新闸路)
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