Run 1403 – 29th November, 2015

Run 1403 Sunday 29th November, 2015
这是2015年11月29日,星期日,SH3 Run #1403 的说明:

THE #prayforparis #touaubistrot #jesuisenterrasse #notaffraid #parisestunefete #notinmyname RUN!

6731-1307657220--1500--1500The world was outraged at the events that transpired in Paris, France on November 13th. So please come and show your solidarity with all French people at this weeks run appropriately French/Parisian themed. The city vows not to yield to terrorism and not to stop its normal way of life in light of the attacks but rather to continue the Parisian way of life, to the full. So wear your beret, a garland of onions and a hooped blue and white shirt, or carry a “Drapeau Tricolore” (national flag) to support!! Unfortunately the bash will not feature ‘fois gras’ and finest champagne, but there will be lots of ice cold Tsingtao to help you enjoy the “joie de vivre”.

france-flagHare: Castabator.
Meeting Point (A-A) :  Restaurant is “洁而精川菜馆”
雁蕩路82號,近南昌路 (No. 82, Yandang Rd., near Nanchang Rd).      By metro: South Huangpi Road Station, Lines 1, exit 1. Directions are as follows: from exit 1 go west down Huaihai middle Road, cross over the North-South elevated Road, then take the next left into Yandang Road. Then go straight down and you will see the restaurant on your right side.
SH3 Run1403 start

SH3 Run1403 red wine stop

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