Run 1409 – 10th January, 2016

Run 1409 Sunday 10th January, 2016
这是2016年1月10日,星期日,SH3 Run #1409 的说明:

Hare: Cunning Linguist. The “It can only get BETTER” run. The Xmas and NY season (and sometimes the weather) took a toll on recent hashes both in number and in spirits. Thanks to those that hared and turned up to support during that time. But it can only get better now. Our experienced hare will no doubt set a trail that will bring even the laziest of Shanghai Hashers out of the winter wood work. So lets go for it and try and reverse the trend of low numbers and have a record January turn out. The run will be around our favorite People’s Square area and fine winter warmer Dongbei food to round it off, swilled down of course with buckets of our favorite ice cold beverage, Tsingdao beer. oN oN. 

Meeting point & directions: (A-A) “Hei Tu Di Nong Jia Yuan” Dongbei Restaurant, 1213 Beijing West Road. 东北黑土地农家院,北京西路1213号. By metro, take line 2 to Jing An Temple Station, Exit 3 and head north on Changde Road. Go across Nanjing Xi Lu and Yuyuan Lu, then turn right into Beijing West Road. Cross Xikang Lu and the restaurant is on the right at 1213 Beijing West Road. 二号线静安寺站,3号口出来,往北沿常德路走到北京西路,然后直走. 过西康路口,饭店在路右边.

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