Run 1410 – 17th January, 2016

Run 1410 Sunday 17th January, 2016
这是2016年1月17日,星期日,SH3 Run #1410 的说明:

in-memoriamThe David Bowie In Memoriam Run

This week, the hash community joins the rest of the world to honor the passing of an Icon, a legend, a visionary and a class human being whose ability to re-invent himself and his persona was second to none. We speak of course about the British rock talent, David Bowie. Born in Brixton, London on 8th January 1947, he was the motivation and driving force behind numerous waves, trends and cults. He shot to fame with Space Oddity, followed by Ziggy Stardust, and then the Thin White Duke. His songs and albums are truly timeless: Starman, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, Ashes to Ashes, Under Pressure, Lets Dance, and many many more. His career spanned 6 decades.


So, to celebrate his life of achievement, we suggest all hashers this week to don something, an article of clothing, a hairstyle, face make up, something that will help remind us of this stars contribution to most of our childhoods. Lets look back with fond memories.

The run will start with a classic Bowie song, then another at the beer stop and finally one in the circle. Please throw yourselves fully into this to make it a hash to remember. oN oN.

Hares: Prancing Queen and 7inch Xiaojie.

Meeting point & directions: “Er Zhun” (Goose Village), 70, Taicang Lu, XinTianDi. Line 1, Huangpi Nan Lu station, exit 2 and follow the maps below: 鹅庄(新天地店), 太仓路70.

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