Run 1418 – 13th March, 2016

Run 1418 Sunday 13th March, 2016
这是2016年3月13日,星期日,SH3 Run #1418 的说明:

Womans Day (and other mid- March observances) Run.

Well, last week saw us all (dis)honour Woman’s day and Universal Women’s week. So in order to restore the balance, below are some other observances from March 13 and around which should be considered along with the celebration of our fairer sex:

  • Check yr batteries Day. Ladies, make sure your BOB has fully charged batteries
  • Make a coconut torte for your fellow harriettes and bring to the run
  • Wear Ear muffs, it will help to keep the smog out of your ears. Then it can only get in through your nose, mouth and the pores all over your skin
  • Be a good Samaritan and tell those male hashers that deserve it, they are $h1T
  • Treat yourself, its Jewel day. Or better still push (force) your BF to buy you jewels
  • Before you leave home, open an umbrella indoors. God knows why.
  • Lent begins today so starve/blackmail your BF for sex. Use this to get the jewels
  • Its termite awareness week, so if you are old fashioned and still use a wooden Dildo instead of battery operated, check that its not infested by the little critters
  • Lastly, its Smart and Sexy day so put on your best hash gear and post hash best.

Hares: Twisted Phister & No 1 Toy Boy:

Venue/Directions: A to B run, bags can be taken in the beer car. A is Caoyang Metro station, lines 11, 3 & 4, exit 5. B is a well known pizza place on Yu Yuan Lu in Jing An named after a purple flowering plant that is popular with Prancing Queen and was the venue for run 1413.

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