Run 1420 – 27th March, 2016

Run 1420 Sunday 27th March, 2016
这是2016年3月27日,星期日,SH3 Run #1420 的说明:

Easter Sunday Run:Traditionally, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus after his mates did him in the Friday before after a mega night out on Qingdao. But, not to be outdone, SH3 has its own resurrection in the return from the dead of Too Short for Yao. German Lutherans created the Easter Bunny which delivers coloured eggs to the children. But SH3 has its own bunny in the form of Sperminator, who instead of delivering chocolate eggs to children, delivers delicious cold Qingdao to all the hashers. The eggs represent ‘new life’ and that is also certainly true of Qingdao because it gives new life to all the hashers after a long hot run. So grab a bunny, smash some eggs and have some fun. There will be all sorts of surprises on this unique trail this week. Only one thing WON’T be a surprise and that is that the beer will be deliciously cold as always. Thanks Lao Chen!!

Hare: Forest Dump.

Venue: Feng Bo Zhung 風波庄 # 670 Sichuan Middle Rd (Near South Suzhou Rd) 四川中路670号(近南苏州路) Tel: 63213986. Exit 6 of Nanjing East Road Station, line 2 or 10 (trail will be laid from here to A) or exit 3 of Tiantong Road Station, lines 10&12, see map below.

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