Run 1425 – 1st May 2016

Run 1425 Sunday 1st May 2016
这是2016年5月1日,星期日,SH3 Run #1425 的说明:

The May Day Run: International Workers Day, also known as Labour Day, commenced in 1886 in a suburb of Chicago known as Haymarket Square when rioting broke out during a demonstration by the labour union movement to establish an 8 hour day. Thereafter it gradually became a public holiday almost worldwide to celebrate the sacrifices of the working classes to ensure fair work pay and conditions. So, that’s the official story!!

The hash version is that its a holiday on the 1st of May every year, thank god, for some reason that is to do with “working” and cos there is no work that day we should go out and celebrate by running around the warming streets of Shanghai and drinking lots and lots of cold beer. Just like those poor oppressed Chicago peasant slave minions probably were doing when the police came in and started beating them up, arresting and even shooting  them. Oh how times have changed, NOT. Anyway, we will therefore need some special downtrodden workers songs for down downs in the circle so start sourcing them now.

Hares: WeShat & Adam’s Apple

Venue/Directions: Jin Yuan Bao Coffee restaurant, 金源堡养生时尚餐厅·土牛智造 at 38 Cao Bao Lu, Huaxia Hotel, 1st floor, 漕宝路38号,华夏宾馆一楼.

Subway details are Line 1, exit 1 or Line 12, exit 7, Cao Bao Lu Station. See maps below.

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