Run 1427 – 15th May 2016

Run 1427 Sunday 15th May 2016
这是2016年5月15日,星期日,SH3 Run #1427 的说明:

The Mismanagement Handover Run:Come and wank thank the outgoing mismanagement for their lousy efforts over the last year and welcome the new poor idiots mismanagement that have stupidly thankfully taken over the mess reigns. There will be lots of fun and games as they poke fun at each other endlessly in the circle. Come watch!

This run includes a wonderful and unique ROYAL GALA BASH!!! The hash is subsidizing this week, so for the usual RMB100 fee, you will be treated to a buffet of Shanghai’s finest Indian Cuisine at Kebabs on the Grill in the cool docks & receive a commemorative patch.

Dinner included two hours of FREE FLOW WINE AND BEER. This subsidy for this event was limited to 50 regular hashers. Doodle sign up.

Hares: Forest Dump and Roomboy, outgoing and incoming mismanagement GMs.

Venue/Directions: Kebabs on the Grill, Cool Docks, Waima Lu. Its a long walk thru construction sites from the nearest subway, Xiaonanmen, line 9, see map below. Use exit 2, exit 1 is not yet in operation. Note Wangjia Matou Lu and Zhuxing Matou Lu do not exist so have to use the next street to the north, Xin Matou Lu and enter by Zebra Bar.

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