Run 1428 – 22nd May 2016

Run 1428 Sunday 22nd May 2016
这是2016年5月22日,星期日,SH3 Run #1427 的说明:

Hares: Kentucky F@c&ing Cousins (KFC) and Stick Massage.

The “What a Couple” or the “Odd Couple” run.

Thank goodness they are the same sex cos who knows what their off-springs might look like. KFC of course comes from one of those areas famous for such wonderful hash songs as “when its incest time in Texas” and the necrophilia and bestiality songs, so please get practicing. His home state is also renown for some pretty mean hooch or moonshine, known as Bourbon, but their mental deficiencies are probably more due to the prohibition period than the drinking thereafter. Hopefully he will bring a bottle along for us to try. Stick massage on the other hand is the quintessential Englishman. Cultured, refined, polite (ish), educated and a true gentleman (ish). He has a taste for the finer things in life like the arts, poetry, paintings, opera and basically any performance where it sound like someone is having their testicles removed via their throat. So, what a pair, but lets hope they can pull together and produce a ‘jolly good’ trail this weekend. If not, there is always ice cold beer.

Run type: (A – A)

Meeting Point (A):  Fu Lai Hai Xian Da Yuan 福徕海鲜大院, #2131 Sichuan North Rd. Hong Kou District (Near East Jiang Wan Rd) 上海虹口区四川北路2131号(近东江湾路) P.S. The restaurant is inside the courtyard.

By Metro: Line 8, HongKou Football Stadium, Exit 2. Walk 11 meters south on East Jiangwan Road then turn left into Sichuan North Road, and take the second right which is still Sichuan North Road. The restaurant will be on your right hand side inside a courtyard.

By Taxi: #2131 Sichuan North Rd.  Hong Kou District (Near East Jiang Wan Rd) 上海虹口区四川北路2131号(近东江湾路)

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