Run 1430 – 5th June 2016

Run 1430 Sunday 5th June 2016
这是2016年6月5日,星期日,SH3 Run #1430 的说明:

Hares: Prancing Queen and Fanny Fag. Run Type (A to A). But circle and bash will be back down line 11 a few stops. THE DISNEY RUN. (including FREE patch, see below).      All hashers please wear a Disney character costume.

Meeting Point:  Disney Resort station, end of line 11. Exit 2, Wishing Star Park. ALLOW MINIMUM 1 HOUR FROM JING’AN AREA. Follow Pixie Dust

The bash is at Qin Xiang Yu Nong. unit 405, 4th floor, Plaza 2049, Yuqiao Centre, 1949 Yuqiao Road, Exit 1 of Yuqiao Station line 11. Tel: 021 68588101. 浦东新区御桥路1949号万科2049海上传奇四楼. NOTE however this is NOT A!!! Circle at Family Mart, exit 2.

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