Run 1433 – 26th June 2016

Run 1433 Sunday 26th June 2016
这是2016年6月26日,星期日,SH3 Run #1433 的说明:

Hares: VDD and DNI. DOUBLE FOYB run!! Run Type: A to A

Meeting Point/directions:  Hailun Road Station, Lines 10 & 4, exit 3. Restaurant is 紫瑶楼, 柘皋路202~208号 (202-208 Zhe Gao Rd, Hongkou District). 5671 3799. Directions as follows: from exit 3 go south down Siping Lu, cross the Hailun Road junction, then take the next left into Xinjia Road. Follow this as it becomes Wutai Road and then Liaoning Road. Finally branch left into Zhe Gao (Tuo Gao) Road. Allow ten minutes. See images below.

The “Brexit” run! The “will they, wont they”, or rather, by the time of the run, the “did they, didn’t they”, vote to leave the European Union. Its a big debate and some are even saying that the outcome if ‘Leave’ wins, it could spell the end for the European community as a whole and even have an impact on the world economy. Even kill the Euro currency. But, cast your mind back a decade or two. December 1992 to be precise. Switzerland was contemplating joining the EEC and held a referendum too. As expected, it was rejected but concurrently, the EEC also pondered Switzerland joining and also rejected it. hehe. So Europe should now ask the same question, do they want Britain to stay or go? Why not. Don’t just ask the Brits, ask the other side, the rest of the EU states too!! What do they want? Well to help with that, the Shanghai hash is holding its own referendum. So please visit THIS LINK and cast your vote, do you want Britain to stay or go. Leave or remain actually. The result will be announced in the circle. Its gonna be a mega circle with the Europeans and the Brit(s) facing off in the aftermath of the result. Americans and the rest of the world, come and mock from the side. oN oN Brexit!!

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