Run 1434 – 3rd July 2016

Run 1434 Sunday 3rd July 2016
这是2016年7月3日,星期日,SH3 Run #1434 的说明:

Hares: p.e.cummings (FOYC) with Ezy Rider & Just Karissa.

Meeting Point/directions: Little Mermaid Hog Dogs, Shanghai Stadium! Shanghai Swimming Centre station, line 11, exit 1, see map below and image of shop front.

The “US INDEPENDENCE DAY celebration and p.e.cummings FOYC run!

We, the hares, of the Shanghai hash, in order to set a more perfect trail, establish beer stops, ensure the hasher’s tomfoolery, provide checks in abundance, promote the general impairment of judgment, and secure the blessings of revelry to ourselves and the Chinese, do ordain and establish this fuc& off run for the Shanghai Hash House Harriers. There will be 3 shot stops, one red, one white and one blue. Plus lots of other shenanigans to celebrate the birth of the United States of ‘Merica! Hell yeah! Put on your Trump mask!!

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