Run 1435 – 10th July 2016

Run 1435 Sunday 10th July 2016
这是2016年7月10日,星期日,SH3 Run #1435 的说明:

Hares: Forest Dump & Just Lina

Meeting Point/directions: Xiangbawang Local Restaurant, 601 Mei Hua Road, Century Park, Pudong. 湘霸王土菜馆(浦东店), 浦东新区 梅花路601号(近海桐路).021-68455461. Century Park Station, line 2, exit 3.

The “Pudong, pudong, a wonderful place to hash” run!

We do not hash in Pudong often enough. In fact, we probably have a misconception about it! It has wide open boulevards with pavements you can actually run along without meeting kids, bicycles and old ladies. The air is cleaner and fresher. And it is not far away at all. The park is an awesome venue to run around too. So load up your rucksack and plot the restaurant on your smart phone app and get on line two (remember all major points in Puxi, incl Jing An are also on line 2 so its easy). The restaurant has our favorite Hunan specials and as always, there will be ICE cold beer provided. oN oN!!

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