Run 1436 – 17th July 2016

Run 1436 Sunday 17th July 2016
这是2016年7月17日,星期日,SH3 Run #1436 的说明:

Hares: Little Putin, Adams Apple and Forbidden Entry (FOYB)

Meeting Point/directions: Restaurant is Wu Shan Kao Quan Yu, 2F, 120 Tianlin Lu. Guilin Park Station, Line 12, exit 4 or Guilin Road, Line 9, exit 5 (hopefully). See map and image below. Hares will lay marks from both exits (hopefully).

The “Forbidden Entry FOYB” run! 

There come some hashers, who set the bar (amen) so high in terms of excellence, they force the pack to openly question their abilities, both on trail and at the bar. This weekend we lose one such hasher. Forbidden Entry has FINALLY been allowed entry into the land of the Canucks once again. Her internment “upstream” is nearing a final chapter. And as all mediocre books come to an end, such is the case for this Hariette. The light is getting brighter, the exit in view, the beer…in belly. Cum out (and often) to see Forbidden Entry before she rides that metal dragon back to the west, where beer is cheap(er), food is fried (with cheese curds and gravy smothered on top) and the syrup flows from trees.

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