Run 1439 – 7th August 2016

Run 1439 Sunday 7th August 2016
这是2016年8月7日,星期日,SH3 Run #1439 的说明:

Hares: Little Putin and Fuc&s Fat Blokes

Meeting Point/directions: A to A run from Benjia, Original Korean Taste, 1339 WuZhong Road, Minhang District. 本家, 吴中路1339号(近银亭路) Tel: 021-51182777. Authentic Korean BBQ. Line 10 to either Longbaixincun station or Ziteng Road.

The “Little Putin FOYC” run!

Come and say farewell to our favorite funny man. Hopefully he will also bring along a translator to help us understand the meaning of some of the things he will say. Putinish to English. As we know (as we know), he has had connections with Russia, Korea (hence the food choice) and his native ‘merica, but we didn’t know his connection to this famous military dictator? As well as delicious Korean BBQ there might be some Soju served along with perhaps some vodka, but rest assured there will be plenty of ice cold Tsingdao.

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