Run 1443 – 4th September 2016

Run 1443 Sunday 4th September 2016
这是2016年9月4日,星期日,SH3 Run #1443 的说明:

Hares: 7UP & Just Sam

The “G20” run! Exciting it is NOT! Instead of being a focus of local pride, the occurrence of the G20 summit in nearby Hangzhou, not even in Shanghai, has caused extreme inconvenience to residents of the Shanghai basin. In fact, only mass flooding could have made it worse. Lets look at what it has influenced thus far. Well first was visiting Hangzhou, no, sorry, you are not welcome. Can’t buy a train ticket, cant book a hotel, and heaven forbid you would want to visit any tourist sites. Then even in Shanghai, an overbearing and unreasonable police and army presence with spot checks and the like just to mess with our lives. And, since Monday, the biggest travesty of all, even more strict internet restrictions and censorship. Even some VPNs cant help with this. So the sooner Obama, Putin and the rest FO back to where they came from, the better! Off Off G20!!

Meeting Point/directions: Uncle Restaurant (Biao Shu Cha Can Ting) 456 Hui Chuan Road, by middle Kai Xuan Road. Zhongshan Park Station, lines 2/3/4 exit 3,

表叔茶餐厅,  汇川路456号(近凯旋中路).

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