Run 1444 – 11th September 2016

Run 1444 Sunday 11th September 2016
这是2016年9月11日,星期日,SH3 Run #1444 的说明:

Hares: WeShat and 7Up

The “Prancing Queen FOYC” run!

This upstanding hasher embodies the “drinking club with a running problem” motto ensuring our thirst needs are always put before his own, setting remarkable trails in the heart of Disneyland and politely badgering fellow hashers to step up and hare.

The Queen is Prancing off to the land of the Mother Hash and leaving us all deeply saddened ambivalent. Alas, who will burst into song spontaneously or crudely name virgins? Who will brighten our circle and lift our hashing spirits? Who will always munch on milk with hard-ons mid trail and ensure we have way too much beer, but never leave a glass unconsumed?

Cum out, run hard, cum hard, drink harder, cum hardest and bid our beloved RA farewell.

Meeting Point/directions: Hunan King Restaurant, 585 JiangSu Lu. 湘霸王土菜馆, 江苏路585号(近延安西路). Jiangsu Road station, lines 2 & 11, exit 6, walk south.

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