Run 1446 – 25th September 2016

Run 1446 Sunday 25th September 2016
这是2016年9月25日,星期日,SH3 Run #1446 的说明:

Hares: Maths Factor & Media Arsenhole

The “End of Summer” run!

So, finally the heat has come to an end, or at least appears to for now. Also it has been a record year for typhoons (13 so far) but fortunately most didn’t make much of an impact on our fair city (thank god). But poor old Taiwan and the Fujian coast which got well and truly battered. But the changing weather doesn’t mean we will soon be serving warm beer at the hash like most restaurants do, no way, despite the recent loss of Lao Chen, the hares will continue to provide our favorite delicious Tsingtao nectar sourced from 7/11, All Days, Kedi, C store, Family Mart and the like to ensure our thirst is suitably quenched. So get out there this Sunday and enjoy the cool breeze flowing through those armpit hairs and then bundles of run at the circle and bash afterwards. oN oN.

PS. A genuine and heartfelt THANKS to Lao Chen for years of faithful service in ensuring that we always had our blue buckets filled with beer and ice delivered to our doorstep every week without fail. Often also taking bags from A to B as well. And all without ever even complaining. A true service much appreciated by ALL SH3 hashers. oN oN!

Meeting Point/directions: Changping Ge, 457 Changping Lu, Jingan District (close to junction with Xikang Lu). 倡平阁(昌平路店),上海市静安区昌平路457号. Take subway line 7 and then exit to go east along Changping lu.Alternatively can walk up from Jing An temple station line 2 but allow 15 minutes. oN oN

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