Run 1449/50 – 15/16th October 2016

Run 1449/50 Saturday & Sunday 15/16th October 2016
这是2016年10月15/16日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1449/50 的说明:


Hares: Sperminator, Time For Bed & Ezy Rider.

Back in 1986 Shanghai was not as developed or open as today. Pudong was rice paddies, only one airport, no high speed trains and only a handful of expat hangouts. Foreign exchange certificates (FECs) were the currency, but you could only shop in “the friendship store”. Mao suits were still the dress of the day and any strange behavior immediately attracted the attention of the PSB. Romantic relations between foreign men and local girls were not tolerated and western culture was frowned upon as taboo. There were effectively no taxis and the first subway line didn’t open until the 1990s. Only one bridge crossed the Huangpu so steam powered ferries were popular. So, imagine how revolutionary and surprising it must have been when Carl “Pavarotten” Tolson decided to form the Shanghai chapter of the Hash House Harriers. It must have been like nothing the locals had ever seen before. Colorfully dressed foreigners proudly and loudly running through the streets and somewhat openly drinking beer in public. The Beijing chapter had started in 1979 because of the Embassy presence, but as an aspiring commercial centre, conquering Shanghai was truly remarkable and ground breaking. Unfortunately it could not be sustained and eventually the hash became dormant, maybe because of the attention drawn from the rather unaccommodating and unwelcoming local authorities. Only when the consulates started to spring up a couple of years later did Robin “Silver Fox” Cox rekindle our favorite activity. But since 10 July 1989 there has NEVER been a hash missed on a Sunday afternoon, quite an achievement. So join us as we go down memory lane and try to relive some of the crazy hash activities of the past 30 years. oN oN!!


Friday Oct 14th: Big Red Open Top Party Bus Bash (limited to first 60 who register) (For SH3 hashers, only confirmed if payment received by 30 September!). Meet at Zapatas, 5 Hengshan Lu at 7pm for 8pm departure sharp. Take subway lines 1 or 7 to Changshu Lu, exit 4, then turn left and walk south on Baoqing Road. Drop off at Uva wine bar, 819 Shanxi Bei Lu, junction with Kanding Lu, 陕西北路819号, 近康定路 at 11pm.

Saturday October 15th: Pudong Puxi Ferry Run. Hare: Time for Bed. A to B run starting in Pudong and then taking the local Huangpu ferry, you will be able to see the famous skylines of the Bund and Pudong. Run starts from Dongchang Road station, line 2, exit 4 at 3pm. Bash venue in Puxi at 凯恩酒家, 香港路123号(凯恩宾馆旁) Kane restaurant, 123 Xiang Gang Road. 021-63293837

Sunday October 16th: French Concession Run. Hare: Sperminator. A to A run from Hunan Country Cuisine, 168 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu, near Anfu Lu. 湖南乡村风味, 乌鲁木齐中路168号 starting at 3pm. 021-64370952. Take subway lines 1 or 7, Changshu Road station, exit 7, walk west along Wuyuan Lu, then turn right. 

ALL THREE DAYS (incl one Tshirt & patch) – ONLY RMB500
Fri & Sat or Sun (incl one Tshirt & patch) – RMB300
Sat & Sun (incl one Tshirt & patch) – RMB250
Individual Day RMB200 (incl Tshirt & patch on Sat or Sun only NOT Fri)
Payment by cash to Hash Cash “Time for Bed” or by wechat to buliangbaozouyishi but MUST send your name and which package subscribing to by message too.

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