Run 1456 – 27th November 2016

Run 1456 Sunday 27th November 2016
这是2016年11月27日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1456 的说明:

Hares: Just Karissa & M@ster W@nker. Thanksgiving run!

No history lessons today. Pilgrims, celebrating the harvest and all that, bollocks. Thanksgiving is where already overweight obese Americans eat far too much of a hugely fat dirty bird, most of them knowing nothing about its history so why the F should we. All we know is we will use it as an excuse to drink EVEN MORE glasses, mugs, jugs or buckets of Tsingtao Beer, our favorite beverage. If you are lucky you might even be able to gobble down some breast or nibble on a bit of leg too.

Meeting Point/directions: A to A run from Jalepenos, 393 Weihai Lu, near Shimen Yi Lu, 威海路393号, 近石门一路 with BYOB for the first hour . Special thanksgiving taco…turkey, stuffing, cranberry, gravy drizzle and a few jalapeños .. plus a vegi option and free flow house made tortillas chips with lime salt and home made hot sauce and salsa.

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