Run 1457 – 4th December 2016

Run 1457 Sunday  4th December 2016
这是2016年12月4日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1457 的说明:
Hares: Just Gary (later named Unfrogettable) and Time for Bed. Annual pyjamas run!

Meeting Point/directions: A to A run from Uncle Restaurant (Biao Shu Cha Can Ting) 456 Hui Chuan Road, by middle Kai Xuan Road. Zhongshan Park Station, lines 2/3/4 exit 3, 表叔茶餐厅,  汇川路456号(近凯旋中路).

You are encouraged to support the theme by wearing your best bedtime outfit. Scanty nighties for the girls strongly recommended. If you need to buy pyjamas, go to any hospital where they will happily sell you an well over sized pair of nice blue striped ones.

The collective hashes of Shanghai have been slacking in terms of lack of beer stops, widely fluctuating run lengths and alien like waterproof yet invisible markings. Join TFB & Just Gary for the BEST hash ever. This accurately measured run will feature lots of brightly coloured visible chalk guiding you to not one, not two but three beer stops!!!

This is guaranteed to turn heads when locals see a brunch of unruly Hashers running through the streets in their pyjamas yelling oN oN! Upon arrival at the restaurant we’ll sit you down on a tip top balcony with icy TsingTao to watch the sun go down… while singing our favourite hash nursery rhymes and staying up way past our bed time.

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