Run 1469 – 26th February 2017

Run 1469 Sunday 26th February 2017
这是2017年2月26日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1469 的说明:

Hares: Oddjob & Just Barry

Meeting point & directions: Meet at corner of Jiangsu Road and Yan’an West Road (next to Subway restaurant). Mobike and OFO parking is available. Nearest metro station is Jiangsu Lu (lines 2 & 11). Use Exit 4 and follow chalk along Jiangsu Road to Yan’an West Road junction (8 minute walk). oN oN will be at nearby Hunan Restaurant at 585 Jiangsu Road. If lost call Oddjob on 139 1697 4613 (calls charged at Rmb5 per minute).

International Polar Bear Day Run:

International Polar Bear Day is organized by Polar Bears across the world wishing to raise awareness about the impact of global warming and reduced sea ice on their population. The day encourages people to find ways to reduce their carbon output, such as by turning down their thermostat or driving less. The bears are also petitioning arctic tourists not to request “selfies” with polar bears, as when hungry they find it difficult to differentiate between fur clad human beings and their favourite snack being “jackass penguins”. Finally they wish to point out that although you can “cuddle a koala” in Australia for $50 and “stroke a panda” in Chengdu for $100 – the opportunity to “pet a polar” for $5000 is in fact good value for money (note : insurance recommended).

It is a commonly reported myth that all polar bears are left handed. How do we know this, well in scientific study, when attacked, nearly all polar bears used their left hand to defend themselves. The fact they had a beer in their right hand might also have had something to do with it.

So how is the Shanghai hash going to contribute. Well, whilst we will add to global warming by running through the streets sweating profusely expounding heat into the atmosphere, we will try to do our bit to offset our carbon footprint and reduce temperatures by drinking extra-ordinary amounts of ice cold Tsingtao beer, our favorite beverage. oN oN to the north pole.

SPONSORED MESSAGE. Our own North Pole expert Strap on Sally will be in attendance to give some first hand accounts of one of her many recent trips to the top of the world. When asked most polar bears prefer tourists who have booked through Strap On Sally tours. END OF SPONSORED MESSAGE.

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