Run 1475 – 9th April 2017

Run 1475 Sunday 9th April 2017
这是2017年4月9日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1475 的说明:

Hare: Fast F@ck

Meeting point & directions: BaoLong Restaurant, 宝龙大酒楼, 230 Beijing East Road, near Jiangxi Middle Road, 北京东路230号(近江西中路). Tel: 6323 8008 or 6350 9115. Exit 6 of Nanjing East Road Station, line 2 or 10 or exit 3 of Tiantong Road Station, lines 10&12, see map and pic below. Hares phone is 136 7198 2422. Note, this is NOT Xujiahui!!!

The “Out with the Old and In with the New & Winston Churchill Day” Run:

As we know (as we know), Churchill was old even when he was young. He was in his mid thirties when he was born and died at the age of 10 thousand, seven hundred and 82 approximately. Nobody really knows because, nobody outlived him. But, he did not live forever and the UK has enjoyed some “fine”, “young” Prime Minsters since. Churchill served the UK as PM during the entirety of the 2nd world war, not an easy job. He is probably most well known for his wonderful quotations. Click here to see some examples.

So our hare today has decided to honor the great man with a reflection on the old of Shanghai, some traditional old areas that are about to be munched in the name of progress and make way for a new CBD of epic proportions, all glass and metal with no Chinese character at all. Ah well, such is the cost of progress. So out with the old in with the new.

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