Run 1477 – 23rd April 2017

Run 1477 Sunday 23rd April 2017
这是2017年4月23日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1477 的说明:

Hare: Master W@nker & Stink bomb.

Meeting point & directions: A to A run from 雅家经典私房菜, 227 Yanping Road, at Junction with Kanding Road, 延平路227号(益民公寓楼下) Tel 62189293 . Changping Road Subway station, line 7, exit 3 is nearest, see map below.

The “Shakespeare” Run:

“The Baird of Avon” as he was known has the dubious honor that he was born and died on the same day, April 23rd. But also, little did he know that he would also share that date with our two birthday hares today. Co-incidentally, St Georges day also falls on the 23rd of April, the annual celebration of the Patron Saint of England. So with MW, our very own Bard, as our lead hare today, it is truly an English event through and through. Maybe we will even have high tea on the village green with cucumber sandwiches, crumpets, scones with jam and cream while watching a game of crown green bowls. Jolly good fun eh, say wot? Or maybe just some Tsingtao from a Family mart instead, not very English. A greasy bacon and egg fry up for breakfast would be more in order, Rusty Man style. oN oN Blighty.

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