Run 1478 – 30th April 2017

Run 1478 Sunday 30th April 2017
这是2017年4月30日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1478 的说明:

Hare: VVV & Bi curious George.

Meeting point & directions: Our favorite Hong Kong style restaurant. “Guangdong to Remember”, 399 Dapu Road, near Quxi Road, 粤来记, 打浦路399号(近瞿溪路). Take the Subway to Luban Road, Line 4, exit 3, walk down Quxi road and turn right onto Dapu Road and restaurant is 50m on right after the wet market. Go upstairs. See map & image below. 

 The “What’s Up Doc” & “George Washington” Run:

The most famous hare of them all. Well, actually, he is a wabbit. Bugs Bunny. His first appearance was on April 30th 1938, so today he would be 79 years old. Nearly as old as Repeat Offender and Forest Dump. Such a lovable character with his favorite catch phrase, “Whats Up Doc”, a term used by Age of a Hairy Ass after one of those nights.

So don your bunny ears this weekend and let the hounds follows Bugs trail to the treasure at the end of the rainbow, ice cold Tsingtao beer. If you don’t have any bunny ears, then please bring along a carrot to enjoy along the route.

Sharing this day in history is George Washington. On April 30th 1789, 228 years ago today, he took office starting his term as the 1st President of the United States of America. Prior to being President, he fought in the French and Indian wars, and was Commander in Chief during the revolution of 1775-1783. He was a freemason and totally opposed to slavery. He has numerous monuments, building, memorials, bridges and even a tree named after him as well as appearing on currency and postage stamps. But enough of history, we need stories, jokes, well here goes:

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