Run 1479 – 7th May 2017

Run 1479 Sunday 7th May 2017
这是2017年5月7日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1479 的说明:

Hare: Forest Dump & Just Lina.

Meeting point & directions: 754 Pan Yu Lu. Jiatong University Stn Lines 10&11, exit 4. Walk west along Huai Hai Lu, then left into PanYu Lu. Restaurant is 100m on the right side.

The “Beer Pong Day Run.” Run:

Beer Pong. Ah, the national sport of the Shanghai hash. Under Taiwanese American occupation, the predominant post hash activity for the Sunday hash oN oN oN was Beer Pong. Usually at the then “I love Shanghai” bar on Jiaozhou Lu, now the Ruin Bar. For those not familiar, beer pong is a drinking game with little skills required. A half mind tries to throw his ping pong ball into the lined up opponents cup filled with beer which is then removed and if successful the losers must drink a beer, the winner is the team who can remove all the cups of their opponents. Simple eh. Well, not so simple after a circle of down down beers. Fable has it that the SH3 current BP champion is Toy Boy and his biggest rival was Too Short for Yao. Lets see if we end up having a tournament after todays run and if they come along to defend their titles. Either way, a lot of ice cold Tsingtao will be downed either before during or after the run. oN oN.

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