Run 1484 Sunday 11th June 2017

Run 1484 Sunday 11th June 2017
这是2017年6月11日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1484 的说明:

Hares:  VVV & Just Yolanda

Meeting point & directions: A to A run from Grand Desires Eatery, 轩意餐厅

Address: 3295 Hong Mei Road, Shanghai, China (close to West Yan’an Road)


Phone: 021-64010799

Subway:  Line 10, Longxi Station, Exit 2(10号线龙溪路站2号口)

Directions: Follow the marks Southwest across Yan’an Elevated Road.

Jacques Yves Cousteau Birthday Run

It’s not every day that we get to honor a great man, so we’ll take this opportunity to celebrate someone who lived above and beyond the expectations of ordinary life.

Jacques Yves Cousteau was a born June 11th, 1910 in Saint-André-de-CubzacGironde France. He joined the French Navy in 1930, but a car accident prevented him from becoming a naval aviator. However, a mere brush with death could not still his restless soul. Rather than bemoan his broken wings, he and two of his friends turned to underwater exploration, later producing advancements in scuba diving technology and aquatic science.

He built the first underwater base camp (beating the USA, UK, and USSR) where people lived for weeks at a time, thus proving that no body of water could slow a French retreat. He won an Oscar and a Palme d’Or for his documentary follow-up to his first book, “The Silent World.” Add to that his global coalition to restrict whaling, and his efforts to ban the dumping of nuclear waste in the ocean, and you still haven’t covered his achievements in full.

I was stunned when I found out what this man accomplished. It didn’t make sense – how could one live such a motivated life? Then I found the answer: he not only had a mistress, he had an entire secret family. He embraced “gotta keep ‘em separated” to the fullest extent, ready at a moment’s notice to rotate his lover(s) to the bottom of the sea – and they thanked him for it.

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