Run 1489 – 16th July 2017

Run 1489 Sunday 16th July 2017
这是2017年7月16日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1489 的说明:

Hares:  WeShat & Just Alice

Meeting point & directions: A to A from Xuan Yi Eatery, 轩意餐厅

Address: 3295 Hong Mei Rd, Shanghai, China (close to West Yan’an Rd.)


Phone: 021-64010799

Subway:  Line 10, Longxi Station, Exit 2 (10号龙溪路站2号口)

Directions: Follow the marks south across Yan’an Elevated Rd.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel was a Hasher

In today’s image-conscious world, I’m left wondering whether or not we can believe what people say about the past. It is possible, nay, highly likely, that our knowledge of history is fragmented, false, and bent to fit a narrative rather than the truth.

For example, the Virgin Mary had more to offer than her fragrant purity, but this is a story that nobody cared to tell…until lately. First, she had a “habit” of giving loose-fitting, warm-weather appropriate clothing to eager bearded men. Second, she had large quantities of wine on hand at all times, as evidenced by her son’s elevated BAC. Third, never a man could tie her down. Coincidence?

Not even close. Who else but the RA of the Great Lost Nazareth Hash could be so “holy” this and “savior” that? I, for one, am ready for a red baptism…something something timing is key.

Come join the Shanghai Hash as we contemplate history, one beer stop at a time.

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