Run 1490 – 23rd July 2017

Run 1490 Sunday 23rd July 2017
这是2017年7月23日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1490 的说明:

Hares:  Swinging Dick & Just Jen

***NOTICE: We are not going to a restaurant. We are having a party!!!***

Meeting point & directions: A to (close to) A from Lakeville Regency (an apartment complex), 上海翠湖天地御苑小区出租。

Address: 168 Shunchang Rd, Shanghai, China (close to Zizhong Rd.)


Phone: 138-1769-4420

Subway:  Line 10, Xintiandi Station, Exit 1 (10号新天地站1号口)

Directions: Follow the smell of pizza and beer (and follow the marks).

The Mata Hari Hash

Mata Hari was the world’s most famous stripper-spy. She packed dance halls from Moscow to Madrid, largely because of her willingness to dance almost entirely naked. She served both sides of WWI as a courtesan and double-agent and for all of her “efforts,” she was sentenced to death in July 1917. Who better to honor this week than a woman who may have been the only thing the French and Germans had in common during The Great War?

You may not feel like a glamorous courtesan this hash because it’s hotter than damn outside, but we will be dashing from shady spot to shady spot like a spy on the run. If you feel compelled to start dancing naked, you’ve either channeled the spirit of Mata Hari, or you’re showing early signs of heat stroke. The social will include pizza and all the Tsingtao your heart desires in the comforts of a cushy air-conditioned apartment.

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