Run 1491 – 30th July 2017

Run 1491 Sunday 30th July 2017
这是2017年7月30日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1491 的说明:

Hares:  Chicken Dicken & Tiger Lilly

***In the spirit of repeat down-downs, we are once again breaking the mold. Meet in a neighborhood for trees (a park)***

Meeting point & directions: A to A from a park near West Nanjing Rd. Station, 南京西路站。

Address: Lines 2, 12, and 13. West Nanjing Rd. Station, Exit 12


Phone: Click your heels together and count to 3 – you’ll need divine guidance.

Subway:  See above

Directions: Follow the marks from the station to the park.

The Weeaboo Run

So I was reading manga in the ethnic section of my supermarket when I heard about Japan’s princess, Mako of Akishino. I just about dropped my chopsticks. She’s getting married!…to a commoner.

To be honest, it kinda pisses me off. All this time, I’ve been hoping that she’d come to her senses and marry me, if only imperial law would allow her to see through my stoic demeaner into my noble heart.

Ah, well, what can I do but binge watch Inuyasha and cuddle with my body pillow?

Oh, yeah! I can get my kanpai on with the Shanghai Hash. There might even be a Fukov or two for some Japanese hashers.

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