Run 1492 – 6th August 2017

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1492 Sunday August 6th 2017
这是2017年8月6日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1492 的说明:

Hares:  Strap-On Sally & Puxi Monster

Meeting point & directions: A-to-A run from Old Yu’s Dong Bei Restaurant, 老于家东北人家(徐家汇店)

Address: 404 South Wan Ping Rd., Shanghai, China (Close to Xie Tu Rd.)


Phone: 021-54245270

Subway: Lines 7 and 4, Dong’an Rd. Station, Exit 3(4、7号东安路站3号口)

Directions: Like a gentlemanly anthropologist, follow the marks.

UNESCO Field Report (Puxi Monster FOYC Run)

Indigenous arctic circle populations are in jeopardy due to an overzealous demand for infant-palatable foodstuffs. This report speculates that Puxi Monster, the well-known Cambridge scholar, fathered an obscene number of children while “providing education” to the local population.

Why, for example, would he return to the relative stillness of Cambridge? He is undoubtedly dodging child support payments. What of his connection to the infamous Hash House Harriers? Who better than a global network of anonymous vagabonds to hide a man on the run?

This report recommends careful observation of Puxi Monster, including his behavior, mannerisms, drinking habits, and any peculiar reactions to the words “dad,” “daddy,” “baby,” or “frigid ice cakes.”

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