Run 1493 – 13th August 2017

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1493 Sunday August 13th 2017
这是2017年8月13日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1493 的说明:

Hares:  WeShat & Chu Chu

Meeting point & directions: A-to-A run from Home in the GRASSLAND, 家在塔啦蒙古包餐厅(伊尚汇时尚店)

Address: 214 Tian Yao Qiao Rd., Xu Jia Hui, Shanghai, China (on the 4th floor of Yi Shang Hui Shishang shopping center)


Phone: 021-64177277

Subway: Lines 1, 9, and 11, Xujiahui Station, Exit 10 (1、9和11号线徐家汇站10号出口)

Directions: From Exit 10, follow Zhaojiabang Rd. northeast toward Tianyaoqiao Rd. Take a right. You’ll cross a small street, and then the building will be on your right.

International Left Handers’ Day

“Ever try to open a beer with your left hand?” I once asked. If you’re like most people, then the answer is “No, be better at conversations.” But squirming in my periphery is a shiny-eyed Hasher debating whether to respond with, “yeah, all the time,” or to once again go along with the right handers’ conversation.

Young mis-handed lad, Sunday the 13th of August is your day.

For too long have you awkwardly shaken the strong right hands of your friends, coworkers and romantic rivals. On this day, you can proudly extend your left hand and invite the righties into your arena.

Open that beer with pride. Go forth and conquer the night.

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