Run 1494 – 20th August 2017

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1494 Sunday August 20th 2017
这是2017年8月20日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1494 的说明:

Hares:  Just Paul & Baby Sperm

Meeting point & directions: A-to-A run from Palmetto, 哈哈哈

Address: 800 Chengde Rd., 1F A3-1, Shanghai, China (close to Changping Rd., inside the 800 Show Complex)

地址:常德路800号秦公館1樓A3-1號 (近昌平路)

Phone: N/A

Subway:  Line 7, Changping Rd. Station, Exit 2 (7号线昌平路站2号出口)

Directions: from Exit 2, enter 800 Show Complex.

The Repellent Run

Hear that faint buzz in your ear? Quick, reach for the electric swatter and get ready to zap, because World Mosquito Day is upon us.

On this day 120 years ago, one Sir Ronald Ross discovered the connection between those pesky, biting buggers and Malaria. The female of the species in particular is known to spread other infectious diseases, such as yellow fever, which some male hashers ‘round these parts appear to have contracted.

Apparently, these menacing mites are particularly attracted to the lactic acid they can smell in sweat, the hot air, the sound of heavy breathing, the smell of people drinking beer, pregnant women and overweight people. Let’s hope there’s not too many of the Shanghainese buzzing blighters out on Sunday or we’ll all get nibbled.

So, no excuses, slap on some extra repellent, hold your breath & run like the wind… or failing that hide behind FFB, they seem to have the hots for her, even though I didn’t know mosquitos used Tinder.

Come get some beer in your veins and let’s get those bloodsuckers drunk. On on.

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