Run 1503 – 15 October 2017

Apologies, hashers. We’ve had state-sponsored access concerns. We’ve had to recover your shenanigans from…memories. Beer memories…

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1503 Sunday October 15th, 2017
这是2017年10月15日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1503 的说明:Meet at 2:30pm, pack off at 3pm SHARP!  集合时间:下午 14:30  开始时间:下午15:00. 

Hares:  Pencil Dic & Sex Educator

Meeting point & directions:  A to A run from Lotus Restaurant, 莲餐厅。


Address:  641 Changning Rd, Shanghai, China (near Hua Yang Rd.)

The Tormented Souls Run

According to Dave Meade and The Daily Mirror the world will start ending on October 15th, triggered by the mysterious Planet X. So come and find salvation and purification for your tormented soul at Hash this Sunday.

On this run you will find solace in the greenery of the parks where tai chi is practiced daily. Who knows you might even meet romance along the way. Like Confucius said, “It’s good to meet girl in park, but better to park meat in girl.”

Calling all old dogs and fair weather hashers bring your hash cakes and come and run into oblivion with us we will make sure you will do it with a smile.

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