Run 1504 – 22 October 2017

Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1504 Sunday October 22nd, 2017
这是2017年10月22日,星期日,SH3 Runs #1504 的说明:Meet at 1:30pm, pack off at 2pm SHARP!  集合时间:下午 13:30  开始时间:下午14:00. 

Hares:  VVV & Just Blake

Note the winter-friendly start time: we will pack off at 2PM!!

Meeting point & directions:  A to A run from Heng Yuan Restaurant, 衡园酒家

Address: 35 Gao’an Rd, Shanghai, China (near Hengshan Rd.)


Phone: 021-64339289

Subway: Line 1, Hengshan Road Station, Exit 1 (1号线衡山路站1號出口)

Directions: I implore you, in defiance of the literati, to follow the marks.

The Born in October Run

They say that the best people were never born at all, but then October happened. Not by accident but by decree. The first Roman emperor like his adopted father said, “I came, I saw, I conquered”, therefore we should have a month for me. Hence giving birth to Libras like me.

If you ever wondered how a name like VVV came to be; it had nothing to do with mothering, conquering or m.b.g. For poetry was envisioned that could bring happiness to thy. And this roman name came from a Spanish/Mexican poet called Octavio Paz who inspired mommy to give birth to me. Her eyes would light up every time something witty was uttered with glee.

But make no mistake, there have been many great Librans. Take James Carter, the president of the USA who knew that he was too smart for their own good (He was Obama before Obama—caring and wise). There was Mahatma Gandhi…need I say more?There is also Eminem, another great American poet. But not as smooth and suave as the DOG—AKA—Snoop Dog. And who can forget Carrie Fisher from Return of the Jedi as she smacked the slug?

Nobody cares about Margaret Thatcher & David Cameron, not even the Queen. Neil de Grasse Tyson has educated us over the years satirically on science—and NO, the Earth is not flat. Then there is Frederick Nietzsche who spread his optimism in academia, sincerely. And we cannot forget about Bruno Mars and the handsome Wolverine. Unfortunately, we can never forgive Hilary for burning Bernie that resulted in (let’s not ruin the moment here).

So, come out to this Sunday’s Hash as the last day of Libra dawns upon 22ndof October that leads us to the Scorpion.

On On, VVV!

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