Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1263 Sunday March 31, 2012






In retaliation to an unnamed group of felons who made the Shanghai headlines by relieving themselves on the side of the North-South elevated highway, our two pack of dog hares (Lazy Bitch and Rabid Puppy) have decided to top this vulgar repugnant act by having the wildest mouth foaming doggy style sex orgy session to ever grace the innocent eyes of Shanghai’s residents in 3D.

An excerpt from a highly acclaimed medical journal to further educate you on this topic …

“… it is usual for bitches to mature slightly earlier than dogs … your bitch will have periods of sexual activity, described as ‘heats’ or ‘seasons’ … accompanied by significant behavioral changes. During the first stage of heat, described as pro-estrus, she will become more playful than normal … there will be a bloody discharge apparent from her vulva …”

Ladies whores and gentlemen molesters of the lovely Shanghai Hash (visitors welcome too. We promise nothing but the best stripping of your dignity, morality and sanity). There will be tons of doggy style sex, it will get bloody, it will be a raw pheromone fueled dog-on-bitch copulation sex-sion. You have been warned!


Please note that this is an A -> B type of run:  For new hashers, this means come to A ready to run (or change in a very public place, your choice), and bring a change of clothes in a bag which will be transported for you to B for the circle, dinner and drinks.


Run type: (A – B)

Meeting Point (A) :
Near Loushanguan Lu Station from Line 2. Exit #2

Take line 2, exit Loushanguan Road, subway exit #2, follow a short trail half a block south to the intersection of Loushanguan Road and Maotai Road. Van will park here to pick up bags and we will start the run from here.

If you choose to take a taxi, the intersection of Loushanguan Road and Maotai Road in Mandarin is 中国上海娄山关路 (靠近茅台路)

Restaurant (B) :

3D Restaurant & Bar on Laowai Jie (Chinese food). Address is #11 Hong Mei Pedestrian Street • Lane 3338 Hong Mei Road. Phone number +86 21 6465 9833

By Taxi : Ask driver to take you to Laowai Jie. The address is 3338 Hong Mei Road (中国上海虹梅路3338弄). Once there, you will need to get on the pedestrian walking street and find the restaurant. See a map of the walking street here. Feel free to call any of the hares if you get lost.






Shanghai Hash House Harriers – The Drinking Club with a Running Problem
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