Shanghai Hash House Harriers
Run 1264 Sunday April 07, 2013




Odie has an unbelievable tongue. Unbelievably long tongue. A tongue that likes to go places. A tongue well travelled – long places, short places, smelly places, smellier places, fuzzy places, dark places, heavenly-hellish places.

ErKou (男口) Jobs has an affinity for man-mouth-jobs. His herpes breath reeks of herpes. ErKou’s favorite pastimes include beastiality and beastiality and beastiality … with a side of peanut butter.

Regular testicle lickings are part of a healthy bitch’s life – her’s or another’s. Regular testicle massages are crucial to the well being of a chronic wanker. Ladies whores and gentlemen molesters and visitors of the lovely Shanghai Hash. This Sunday we conduct the 64th beastiality marriage of between a bitch in heat and a peanut butter lathered lad who loves getting his dog to lick his balls. There will be saliva, there will be semen, there will be semen soaked saliva. We promise nothing but the best stripping of your dignity, morality and sanity. You have been warned!


Please note that this is an A -> B type of run:  For new hashers, this means come to A ready to run or change in a very public place ( … your choice), and bring a change of clothes in a bag which will be transported for you to B for the circle, dinner and drinks.


Run type: (A – B)

Meeting Point (A) : Donut King in front of JingAn park. 1649 Nanjing West Road, near Huashan Road 南京西路1649号静安公园门口近华山路. Metro line 2, JingAn Temple Exit
Restaurant (B) : Dong Da Shi Golden Frog,  917 Middle Yan An Road 延安中路917号021-62471459 董大师金牌稻香蛙


Shanghai Hash House Harriers – The Drinking Club with a Running Problem
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